Pablo Furama & MoreDub

brand new squeaky fresh music from frances
Pablo Furama goes to europe.. lol

Burning Sun Dub (moreDub)

Mister CR ASAP Freestyle f/ DJ.LALA

Big Ups to DJ LALA... need i say more... 

Original World Wide Choppers

how did i end up werkn on this??? crazy!!!!..  doing bigger things!!

Paid Dues 13 w/ Rifleman

aonther legendary moment with the Rifleman... some live footage i shot from the pit.. god bless the stabilize filter..

Hardwerk Records Release 2012

2012 hardwerk records record release party celebrating Mister CR&djseedless- Def Satellite, PabloFurama- Uprooticality, Omnivirus- GameOver

another dont wanna post.. check the link though dope rifle freestyle at start..

Hardwerk Lives!!!

we do alot of live underground shows... heres a few peaks of some of the ?better moments?? maybe...

Be Yourself

This video was shot in about 2 hours or so... lol for real Underground shit!!  thats how its done we didnt have a budget... or craft services on this one.. big up to my home highland park and the swapmall yard.. all buffed out now but still full of memories.. haha
Also big up to the homie MaruOneLove on the beats this dude is a beast!!!!

HolyScriptures Promo

I just got to say werkin with EllayRifle has been one of the dopest experiences i've had in the LA hiphop scene... peace!!

RimeFytahs: Saonce f/ Mister CR

this was a fun project to werk on these guys had tons of energy!! Also this is the first time i got to werk with CR and meet the Rifleman..  Dope track!! big ups to Malathion!!

cant get the vid to post... i'll try again later but for now there s the above link...


Heres the first official music video i made with the good brother kenyatta!! Aka Kid Crumbs.. of the ....blahblah go look it up if you dont know.. peace